Trans-Siberian railway is a fantastically beautiful train journey across the continent. You will change 8 time zones! The  route goes from Moscow to Vladivostok through the whole Russia, OR it can go from Moscow and take South-East route to Mongolian capital Ulan Bator and Chinise capital Beijing.

The length of the tour and the program can vary depending on the places you choose to stop on the way and the time you want to spend there. You can stop at any of the big cities of the TS route, spend few days there and then catch the same train again to proceed your journey.

Places we recommend to stop at:

  • Novosibirsk. Big modern city in the middle of South-West Siberia. The scientific capital of Russia (and Soviet Union). It has the highest average educational level of inhabitants in Russia. 

  • Krasnoyarsk. The city lies on the bank of the biggest river in Russia - Yenisey! The spot of civilisation amidst the thick Siberian woods and hills. Wonderful scenery just out of your window. THe winter temperature is from - 20 to - 40 C degrees. You can walk outside the city and do skiing or hiking in the woods or fishing/rafting or other outdoor activities on Yenisey river. If you are lucky you can meet a bear or a wolf.

  • The lake Baiakal. Biggest lake in Russia. The shores of the lake are all varieties of beautiful landscapes - woods, rocks, clean sand. Cosy villages of old-believers (non-Orthodox Russian christians) who live there from the 1600s and keep ancient Russian traditions and language,

  • Ulan Ude. The capital of Buryatia Republic of Russia. South from lake Baikal. The city combines both the inheritance and architecture of old-believers of 19th c. and pure Buryatian/Buddhist modern styles. The Buryatians are beautiful and strong ethnicty close to the Mongolians in terms of language and look.

  • We strongly do not recommend to stop at Irkutsk!! Dusty industrial city with no specific architecture. Unless you want to fly North to visit a small tribe called Tafalars living in taiga in their unique old traditional lifestyle.

We can arrange tickets and stops for you all the way from Moscow to either Vladivistok or Beijing, starting and ending at any points in between those places.

The approxiamte cost per person is $1400 for 2 weeks journey including 1 night in Moscow (hotel), the train tickets for all different parts of the Trans-Siberian (1st class), 3 star hotel accommodation at any 3-4 cities/places you want to stop, 3 meals a day on the train, brakfasts in cities.

The service of guide is for the additional cost.