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North-West Russia adventure

Moscow, Arkhangelsk, Solovetskiy monastery island, Saint Petersburg


Highlights: Red Square, tomb of Lenin, polar lights, White sea islands adventures

Season: all around year

This exclusive tour will first show you the heart of Russian capital - where in old buildings and monuments each moment of the rich history of the country is reflected, being combined with the features of the modern business centre of the biggest country in the world. Then we will take you to Russian North to the famous Solovetsky monastery, or Solovki, also known as the strictest Soviet lager prison, where you will see medieval monastery castle and churches with the arctic wind and exotic nature on background. And then the northern wilderness will be replaced with the stunning European architecture of Saint Petersburg - the Western capital of Russia.

The cost: 1 person in a group - $1800, 2 people in a group - $1500 per person, for the cost for bigger groups please contact us

Day 1. Arrival to Moscow. Transfer to hotel. Welcoming dinner. If time permits we go for an evening stroll either to Red Square or View point at Moscow University.


Day 2. Full day of sightseeing in Moscow. We take subway or taxi to Red Square – the historical and cultural centre of the city located in front of Kremlin. We take pictures with the view of the medieval Saint Vasiliy cathedral, then we enter the Kremlin itself. Kremlin is a castle with different buildings inside, the residence of Russian tsars and now it serves as an office for the president. We visit a museum inside Kremlin and old churches. After leaving Kremlin, we will go to visit Saint Vasiliy cathedral – the unique medieval building made of stone. After lunch in one of the cafes around, we can visit the famous mausoleum with the open tomb of Lenin. In the evening we walk down from Red Square along the bank of Moscow river to the new cathedral of Jesus the Savior. Depending on the taste of guests, we can go for a concert of classic music in the State Conservatory, or to Bolshoi theatre for opera/ballet show, or to one of modern live music clubs in Moscow centre.


Day 3. Today we try to wake up early and after breakfast we take a taxi to the famous Tretiakovskaya gallery – the biggest collection of Russian art. It takes at least few hours to study all the exhibitions in the impressive gallery. Upon leaving the gallery we can eat lunch in the museum cafe and then after lunch we will go to one of the green parks on the outskirts of Moscow – Tsaritsino, Kuskovo or other – if the weather allows. If the weather is not pleasant we will go to North-East of the city to the Space Museum of Yury Gagarin.


Day 4. In the morning we take taxi to the airport where we catch our flight to exotic Arkhangelsk city. It is an old city located on the northern border of Russia, it lies on the bank of North Dvina river where the latter flows into the White Sea. We will visit ancient cathedral and the famous port which was very important during the WWII. In June-July we can experience polar days in that place.


Day 5. Today we take a short flight from Arkhangelsk to Solovetskiy monastery – the famous Soviet prison. The monastery is located on an island solely standing in White sea surrounded by clean waters of the sea and its exotic shores. The location was chosen to make life of monks completely secluded as the monastery since 16 century has been used as a placement of prisoners. The island continued to be a prison for political criminals in Soviet period. Most of the chambers have been preserved from 16-18 centuries. These days they again function as a male monastery and the island has comfortable guest houses for pilgrims and tourists.


Day 6. Today we continue exploration of the Solovetskiy complex – we will visit different cathedrals and gardens taking our time to enjoy the exotic northern nature – birds and flora , breathing clean moisture air. If time allows we will visit the neighbour Zayatskiy island which has outstandingly surprising nature completely different from the main island. We also have to taste the famous Solovetskiy herring fish dishes and wonderful breads made by old monastery recipes.


Day 7. Morning flight to Saint Petersburg. From the airport we go to our hotel and after lunch we walk around famous Nevskiy avenue. Then is Hermitage museum which has the wonderful collection of the world art having served in the past as the winter residence of Russian emperors. In the evening we walk to the cathedral of Kazanskaya Holy Mother.


Day 8. Today after early breakfast we drive out of the city to Petrodvorets museum – the big complex containing the Summer Palace of tsars and a huge garden in french style of the 18th century. We will spend full day here which is not enough for such a big place. First we can assess the greatness of the palace from inside with its multiple chambers decorated in European and Asian styles by Peter the Great designers. Then we walk along alleys of the garden surrounded by the sculptures by Italian masters of the 18th c. In the evening having been absolutely exhausted by the day walk, we will drive back to our hotel in the city.


Day 9. Departure

The cost includes: accommodation 3 stars hotels in Moscow, Arkhangelsk and Saint Petersburg, basic guest house on Solovetskiy island, all domestic flights, all private transportation within cities, breakfasts, museum entry tickets, English speaking guide, visa assistance

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