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Kamchatka is the place which everyone must visit. Our team gives you the possibility to go through the experience and recall those feelings you forgot long ago: see flawless nature, climb up the volcanoes, and breath the fresh ocean air. To experience something more than just having a rest, but also to understand how many meanings this word has. If you feel like a real traveler, discoverer and you are ready to leave comfort and cope with difficulties of real hike – you are one of us.

General tour to Kamchatka.

No tents/camping. Comfortable way to explore the place.

10 days.

$2400 all inclusive within Russia

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Kamchatka Kaleidoscope

The best of Kamchatka

11 days

$1500 - $2400 all inclusive within Kamchatka


|Adventure in Kamchatka.

Active tour.

15 days

 $3100 - all inclusive within Russia

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