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It was Pakistan what made me a mountain hike addict. Himalaya-Karakorum is an absolutely unique region containing the highest mountains in the world - all the eight-thousanders live there. Pakistan on the West and Nepal on the East of it are concentration of interest for trekkers and climbers from all over the world. But still unfortunately  Pakistan has remained unknown for tourists. Below is the list of the exclusive tours in Himalaya-Karakorum:

Pakistan mountain excursion. 11 days. Best culture program. Islamabad, Karakoram Highway, Gilgit-Baltistan, day trek to Nanga Parbat, Hunza valley, Skardu with Deosai plateau.

Trek to K2, Pakistan. Karakorum. 20 days. For real mountain lovers. The most beautiful trek ever! Baltoro glacier. Camping style. Altitude  up to 5000 m.

Everest base camp trek. Nepal. 15-16 days. Enjoy the view of the highest mount in the world! Altitude up to 5400 m.

Annapurna circuit. Nepal. The trek around 10th highest mountain in the world goes through the villages of local ethnicites of Tibetan group. Beautiful mixture of trekking and culture.

 If you know Russian you can also check for our Himalayan adventures at

Pakistan, Nepal, India, Afghanistan

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