Altai historical / archeological tour


The tour has a program dedicated to explore unique Altai ancient sights, moulds, cemetries and sanctuaries ,which belonged to different kinds of ancient people from 2000 BC and which are combined with the stunning and beautiful nature of Altai mountains, valleys and lakes. After visiting these places you won't be the same person because the wonderful impression will stay in your memory forever.


The cost $2200 per person for the group of 2-5 people, $1900 per person for the group of 6-9 people, $ 1600 per person for the group of 10-13 people.


Day 1. Arrival to Moscow. Transfer from airport to Cosmos hotel. We can walk around Moscow a bit in the afternoon. Overnight in the hotel.


Day 2. Flight from Moscow to Barnaul. Driving to Gorno-Altaisk where we visit Anokhin national museum. Then we will drive along Chuysky highway to Uch-Yenmek tract. Overnight in a simple guesthouse.


Day 3. Today we have an interesting long excursion when we will be visiting the following cultural-historical sights of Central Altai:

  • Kereksury Kur-kechu – an ancient sacred place of turkic tribes which is so huge that it is seen from space.

  • Yalomansky mound - a big megalith mound of bronze era with the petroglyphs dated from bronze era till turkic era.

  • The place which was the part of the Northern way of Silk route in the 16-18th centuries.

  • An ancient observatory near Inegen village

  • Kalbak-Tash sakrarium with the most beautiful petroglyphs in Altai

Overnight at Aktash village in a simple guest house.


Day 4. Excursion to different mounds and sanctuaries of Kyrayskaya steppe. Visiting a very ancient stone with the image of 'trinity' described by Rerikh. Overnight at Kurai village.


Day 5. The excursion to Pazyryksky moulds. It is the ancient cemetery of the Skythian period. The diametr of these stone moulds are from 25 to 50 meters. We will also the most beautiful mountain lakes on the way. Overnight in a guest house at Kosh-Agach village.


Day 6. The excursion into Yustyd valley: hundreds of stone moulds, balbals, stellas. You san see here square moulds like on Ukok plateau. It is a very unique place rarely visited by people. Overnight in a guest house at Kosh-Agach village.


Days 7-9. Ukok plateau. The set of moulds on the famous Ukok plateau which we will study during 2 days. Of course we will also see the place where was the tomb of the Ukok princess. For two nights we will sleep in tents in our camp.


Day 10. Rest day. We can walk around and visit the places where local people used to worship different spirits. Overnight at Kurai village in a simple guest house.


Day 11. We will drive to the valley of the river Yelangash where is the biggest amount of petroglyphs on the planet. During the years of 1969-1985 more than 30,000 images were copied by the soviet scientists, half of which are still not published. Petroglyphs are on both sides of the river along about 18 km with the width of the place 1.5 km.


Day 12. We drive back to Barnaul. Overnight in a hotel.


Day 13. Flight from Barnaul to Moscow. Overnight in Cosmos hotel in Moscow.


Day 14. Departure home.


The cost includes all accommodation, flights from Moscow to Barnaul and back, private vehicle in Altai, breakfasts in Moscow, three meals a day within Altai. Due to poor infrastructure of those Altai villages where we will be staying most of the days we will use our own kitchen for eating, only on days 2, 4 and 12 we can eat the local cafes. The menu for our kitchen we can discuss with the group in advance taking into consideration all the gastronomy personal wishes of group members.


Simple guest houses (in Russian база) where we will be staying most of nights are the best accommodation option of those places – it means we will have to share one big room and a bathroom. Plateau Ukok is a complete wild place so we can only camp there.