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Russian visa

assistance in getting all types of Russian visas

Wild Russia: mountains, steppe, tundra...

Extreme Travels in Russia offers unique tours which you surely can't find anywhere else - that's because our programs are the fruit of many years of traveling experience. My name is Olga and before I decided to start Extreme Travels I had been travelling for almost 10 years around Russia and the world. I would like to show the real beauty of my country. Taiga, polar lights, gorgeous Caucasus, wild Altai and Ural mountains, dunes and steppes, heat and cold...

Fantastic low costs: You don't have to deal with the chains of tour operators and agencies. Check our prices of each program in Tours sections

Our Extreme Travels in Himalayas - Pakistan, Nepal, India, China:

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A short trip to Russian capitals:

Moscow and Saint Petersburg

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