Pakistan In Winter


Jan. 27 - Feb. 06, 2021

Back in time for 4500 years into the ancient Indus Valley civilisation

North Caucasus

June 1, 2021

Chechnya, Dagestan


Trekking to Belukha


Jul.10, 2021

Trekking in Altai mountains to the foot of Belukha - the highest peak of Altai 


Gobi Desert Jeep Tour


Aug. 1, 2021

A jeep ride from Russian Altai to the heart of Gobi desert (Mongolia)

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Extreme Travels offers unique tours, our programs are the fruit of many years of traveling experience. We would like to show you the real beauty of our country, Russia: Taiga, polar lights, gorgeous Caucasus, wild Altai and Ural mountains, dunes and steppes, heat and cold...

We also guide you in the mountains of Himalayan region and Karakorum. And we have exclusive programs of cultural tours in India and Pakistan.

Olga Sim

Before  starting Extreme Travels she had been travelling for almost 10 years around Russia and the world.

Historian, English language teacher.


Our Team

Tatiana Stukalova

...knows every corner of Russia. Elbrus climber. An experienced guide which is highly attentive to all our guests.


Word of Mouth

Trekking to Belukha mount, Altai. July 2019

"We took a tour of the Altai and it was wonderful. We were a bit unlucky with the weather that's why we were staying in a cabin near Belukha, otherwise it was possible to camp there. The most incredible places were Stone Hut and Seven Lakes Valley. Hope to be back there one day. Olga (Extreme Travels In Russia) was the best guide and organizer. She took care of our every need and made sure we had a unique and exhilarating experience exploring these ancient mountians. I would highly recommend her agency and the Altai tour specifically."

Chris McCarthy

Seatle | USA

 Altai tour (Belukha mount and Teletskoye lake), July 2020

"I have known Olga since when she was our guide during the trek around Manaslu mountain in Nepal (then she worked for BASK-tour). So I was happy to know that she is doing Russian tours now independently because during the quarantine we couldn't go abroad this year. I joined a small group of Altai tour guided by her which was partly a jeep-tour and partly a hiking tour. During the hiking part I loved Kara-Tyurek pass which I did twice - on foot on the way to Belukha and by horse on the way back. Although once I fell from my horse into an icy water of the mountian river I still have the happiest memory of my trip. I also recommend not to neglect the museum of Roerich in Uymon valley. Unfortunately the Ethnography Museum in Gorno-Altaisk was closed due to the quarantine so we couldn't see the famous Princess of Ukok from 3000 BC exhibitted there - I need to go back!"

Yury Razumovsky

Moscow | Russia

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Ivan Ivanovich

Amsterdam | The Netherlands

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Ivan Ivanovich

Hamburg | Germany